Amazon’s Echo Show gets YouTube Access Again


Amazon’s Echo Show has YouTube access again after the access to the service was taken away a little bit earlier this year, following Google’s decision to remove the capability to launch YouTube from the Echo Show back in the last part of September. Google’s initial reasoning for removing YouTube access from the Echo Show had to do with the user interface implementation violating the YouTube terms of service, which Google stated was leading to a “broken user experience,” but now that it’s back Amazon has fixed up whatever violations were in place, and it’s done so by essentially changing up the way that YouTube looks on the device, or at least that what it appears to be.

Amazon’s smart speaker with a display now once again can bring up YouTube but it looks different than it did before Google removed back in September.

Now, the interface looks more like it does on the web as it’s really just the desktop interface, though there are some differences noted. For example, you can no longer use your voice to select videos like you could before, and are now required to use the touch interactive display to select the videos that you want to play. That said you can apparently still use voice interaction to pause and resume playback so not all is lost here.