Google to Fix Pixel 2’s Buzzing Phone Call Problem with a Software Update in the Coming Weeks.


Not a really great time for Team Pixel this year, as Pixel 2’s glitches continue to haunt in spite great and solid reviews. Users have reported a mysterious “buzzing” sound heard in the ear piece during phone calls, which is too awkward for Google’s own flagship.

A company rep issued a short response to a lengthy thread about the problem on Google’s Pixel User Community board, noting that the company will start rolling out an over the air software update aimed at fixing the issue in “the coming weeks.”

The buzzing problem is not however a very isolated issue for the phone. Late last month, Google promised a software update to help fix the phone’s colour calibration, something which left many users cold. The company also promised to launch an investigation into a burn-in issue with the screen.

Complaints range from bad sound recording to wonky touchscreen, from blue shifts to buzzing sound, this has been a really bad year for Google, I guess. The Pixel 2 might be smart from inside with Google’s own mind blowing software, the hardware seems to he unfinished and unprofessional, something which you don’t expect from a flagship phone.

And then there’s the whole privacy problem with the Home Mini the company had to patch, not to mention various bluetooth syncing issues with its first-gen Pixel Buds, which were met with lukewarm to negative reviews last week, in spite of a lot of initial excitement around the product.