Google Maps Improving User Interface to Help You Find Stuff Faster.


Google Maps is now rolling some visually appealling updates which, they suppose, will help you with finding stuff like driving, navigation, transit, etc faster. Google says the updates brings icons and information that are more specific to each map mode. For example, the transit map will now more clearly show where the local train stations are located.

In the coming updates, you’ll probably see new and refreshed icons which should help you spot specific points of interest on Google Maps. The eight colors for those icons are orange (food and drink locations), dark blue (shopping), red (health), green (entertainment and leisure), purple (services), gray (civil services and worship) dark green (outdoor) and blue (transport).

Some even more interesting updates include a $ (USD) sign for a bank in the US, and a ₹ (INR) sign for a bank in India. Google says these icon changes and colors, along with the map mode updates, will be included over the next few weeks in the app itself, along with services and apps that use Maps such as Google Assistant, Search, Google Earth, and Android Auto. In the near future, third-party apps that use Google Maps APIs will see the new icons and colors as well.


Good or bad, let us know what you think about the new updates in the comments section below.