Google assistant adds support for more languages and new developer features.


Google is working hard on its assistant to be more helpful for its users, thanks to a new series of updates for the digital companion. One of the biggest will be on the developer side. Creators will be able to make apps that use Google Assistant in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Indian English. The idea is that expanding the language support will allow more users to find apps they want to check out.

Courtesy : Android Authority

The app directory for Assistant will add “What’s new” and “What’s trending” sections, allowing users to stay informed on the latest new and popular apps. Sub-categories will also be added to the app directory, which means users will be able to quickly find, say, the best food and drink apps, or the best travel apps. Also, family-friendly apps will get a “For Families” badge in the Google Assistant app directory.

A new feature called Implicit Discovery will help users say things to Google Assistant in more natural-sounding commands in order to launch actions in apps, without having to actually name the app itself. For example, if you tell Google Assistant, “Get me a rental car”, it might launch the Enterprise app to get that started since the digital assistant will know that is what you meant to launch.

The company is also going to roll out the API to the developers where a conversation started with the Google Home can be continued in your mobile device.

Source : Google