Instagram Stories Now Allows Sharing Photos Older Than A Day


Instagram Stories has added a new feature that allows you to upload photos and videos to the ephemeral platform even if the media file is more than 24 hours old, so you can now start adding media content from your camera roll and share it with your friends a day or more after taking them.

The update is now live for the version 18 of Instagram on Android devices. In order to get started with the new feature, you only need to open the camera roll by swiping up from your camera or just tap the gallery icon to search for photos or videos that you want to add to your Story. Note that this is the same process that you would typically follow when uploading photos or videos not more than a day old to Instagram Stories.

For media content that hasn’t been taken in the last 24 hours, Instagram provides you with the option to indicate when the photo or video was taken with the use of a new sticker which you can resize and rotate prior to sharing it, just like you normally would.