Deal Alert: DROCON Foldable Drone at 50% off (COUPON)


We all are waiting for the Black Friday 2017 deals an offers on electronic devices and gadgets. Ahead of the massive price slashing o Black Friday, Amazon is giving away certain Coupon codes and deals, which you can utilize to grab electronic items at a much lower price.

The DROCON Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone is an impressive product from Amazon that is being sold at a considerable discount from the manufacturer price tag. The Drone is perfectly suitable for children and newbies. It helps anyone to learn drone flight mechanism and mannerism in a simple, better way. You can make use of this simple Mini Drone even you are not much good at drone-related stuff. The Drone has many incredible features that are commonly seen only among top-tier expensive professional Dones or Multicopters.

Even though the Remote Controller has no User Interface or any indication elements, the drone can be controlled in particular styles with some couple of button clicks. Still, this costs less than $20 on Amazon with the below mentioned unique Coupon Code. Let us just look on to the features of this special mini-drone. The DROCON Scouter Mini Drone is primarily built for beginners and Kids, so you cannot expect a professional level of performance or higher altitude of flying limits.

Unlike most drones in the market, this product has each of the features embedded on to specific preloaded buttons, so no additional programming or functional modifications would merely be possible. After the drone being taken off, the users are allowed to hold the drone at any altitude in the, as the drone automatically manages itself to be stable in the air. It can also rotate infinitely from the exact point. The three-speed modes is undoubtedly a helpful feature to master the drone flying skill by learning at each stage of speed.

Most notably, DROCON’s drone is much lighter in weight and is only palm-sized. It is folded and kept inside the remote controller. The controller itself sizes only near to a small PSP or a smartphone. You can now grab this compactly smaller foldable drone from at just $19.99, which is 50% off of original price tag (~USD 39.99). Use the coupon code below to get this exciting deal right now.

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