iPhone X shipping times have improved by a little.


In an unexpected change of fortune, it appears that shipping times for Apple’s new iPhone X have been reduced by several weeks.

Apple’s supply chain works in mysterious ways, it seems. For months prior to the announcement of the iPhone X, we’d been hearing that the iPhone X would be significantly delayed due to component shortages. Then when it launched, Apple promised lengthy shipping times of between five and six weeks, taking customers perilously close to Christmas.

But the good news is that Apple is now listing shorter shipping times across all iPhone X models – in both the UK and US to boot. If you order one now, Apple suggests that it will take between three to four weeks to get your new handset out to you, which means two to three weeks has been shaved off the old delivery estimate.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear how Apple has been able to reduce shipping times so substantially. Even after the iPhone X launch, Apple suppliers were still said to be struggling with yield for some of the trickier components – like parts for the Face ID facial recognition system.


In any case, demand appears to be very high for the iPhone X – no major surprise, of course. Apple debuted the iPhone X last month, alongside the more prosaic iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X was the headline announcement, boasting an impressive OLED Super Retina display, an all-screen front design, and a Face ID system that scans your face to authenticate the user.

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