Vodafone changes its logo and adds some new objectives.


Vodafone Goes Through a Brand Transformation With New Logo and Objectives.
Vodafone has launched a new logo and tagline to depict an evolution of its business ideology. The new tagline, “The Future is exciting. Ready?” represents the brand’s new focus i.e. optimism towards future technologies.
The new logo is part of the biggest overhaul to the brand’s visual identity since 1998. The previously “skeuomorphic 3D” logo will now be displayed in a 2D design whereas all the marketing communications will use a minimal “speech mark” as an overlay.

Since Vodafone is not in the U.S., this isn’t a brand I know well enough so my experience with it is limited to the few overseas travels in the last few years and what’s apparent is that Vodafone can appear to be everywhere and part of it is its striking speech-bubble mark that — regardless of whether it’s good or not — it makes a bold impression. Drenched in 3D renderings as it was before it definitely had impact — gaudy impact but impact nonetheless. It was improbable that Vodafone would change to something else altogether so this evolution is in tune with what the rest of the brands are doing, which is going flat.

In an era where tag lines make little sense or try way too hard, “The future is exciting. Ready?”, isn’t exciting but at least it makes grammatical sense. It also has a good way of involving the viewer by asking a question. But critiquing tag lines isn’t my forte, so we’ll leave it at that.