This week for WhatsApp: New emojis, ‘Recall’ feature rollout and more


WhatsApp has been rolling out a lot of updates lately, for different plaforms. Most useful among all of them would be the ‘Recall’, or rather ‘Delete for everyone’ that has started rolling out slowly globally.

First up, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has received a new update for public branch of the app. Text Status Stories and Search Emoji by text have finally made thier way out of beta and now available for everyone to use. You can have a look at the colorful Text Status stories here. This update also brings in usual bug fixes and improvements for WIndows Mobile.

As for Andriod, the new update for WhatsApp beta includes all the updated emojis for 2017. The full list of emojis as seen here at Emojipedia is now available in WhatsApp. New emojis are available in different colors and different genders to fit accordingly in your conversation as per your wish. Most of the new emojis are based on Fantasy and People but also includes Animals, Activities, Food, Dinosaurs and Flags. To use the emojis, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp Beta, i.e. v2.17.397.

Finally, Delete for Everyone is finally rolling out to everyone. Previosly speculated to be released as ‘Recall’, htis feature lets you delete your sent message from other’s devices. However, there’s few caveats. It won’t delete any message that’s been mentioned in a reply, neither will it remove any notification, it’ll just replace it with ‘This sessage has been deleted’ text. You only get a 7 min window in which you can delete the message if you wish to, after that it can’t be deleted from other’s device.

This feature is rolling out slowly to all kinds of users, be it WhatsApp Web or Mobile. If you’re not seeing it yet, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed.

Via Andriod Central WBI