Google Photos Now Supports Motion Photos Viewing & Sharing


Google Photos now supports Motion Photos viewing and sharing across multiple platforms, making it easier than ever to look back on those moments that you’ve created. According to a tweet from the Google Photos official Twitter account yesterday, the Android, web, and iOS platforms for Photos will now store any Motion Photos you’ve created and let you view them, and if you want to share them with others that will be possible too just like sharing any other content that was available prior to this little improvement.

Google Photos’ tweet doesn’t mention anything about a time frame for the Motion Photos being available for any and all devices that can install the Google Photos app, so those interested in having access to it might just have to pick up one of Google’s new phones for the time being, or simply wait it out and see if the features goes more widespread at some point in the near future.

Device compatibility aside, the ability to store your motion Photos in Google Photos is a really good thing, considering they’ll probably be taking up more space when it comes to file size and storage than traditional photos, and with the unlimited storage with Google Photos, you won’t have to worry too much about taking up precious space on the phone’s internal storage. If you’re able to create Motion Photos, you should be able to open up Google Photos on whichever platform you’re typically access it from and see these in your gallery.