Samsung DeX gets even better with Linux on Galaxy


Android user must be aware of Samsung DeX, a service turns your smartphone into a desktop, was released earlier this year by Samsung. One familiar with Microsoft might call it Android port of Continuum, which essentially lets you run your smartphone as a PC on the bigger screen. With the new app, this gets even better.

Linux on Galaxy will be the latest improvement to Samsung’s DeX service. With this app, users will be able to run Linux distro through their phones. It’s primarily aimed at developers who wish to carry development tools around with them, but it’s useful for normal users all the same.

Linux OS will run on the same kernel as the Andriod OS on the phone through the app, so no fancy options right there. In addition to the app, you’ll need keyboard, mouse and a bigger screen.

It’s in trial phase, so it’s expected to take some time before it’ll be released to common public. You can sign up to their newsletter to stay updated with the developments here.


Source Samsung