Google Wifi’s Android App Gains Kid-Safe Website Blocking


The Google Wifi is already an effective way to manage the connected devices in your home, and now the service can automatically block inappropriate content on any device in the house. The new feature is called Site Blocking, and true to its simple name, when set, it automatically blocks websites that are known to have adult content. While no list of sites to block can ever be all-inclusive, Google’s database includes over eight million websites that feature content that is not appropriate for younger audiences, and that list is constantly growing.

Setting up and managing site blocking is done quickly and easily through the Google Wifi app on an administrator’s device; simply head over to the Family Wifi Controls section of the app and you’ll find Site Blocking there. The menu allows you to turn blocking on or off for all devices owned by a specific person in the house, as well as any device in the house that the person signs into.

The Site Blocking feature is based on Google’s SafeSearch, the well-known web search safety feature that has been helping to keep inappropriate content out of otherwise appropriate searches since 2009. As the service approaches the decade mark, its database continues to grow and its algorithms keep improving. SafeSearch is directly linked to Site Blocking, meaning that as new sites with adult content pop up, SafeSearch will catch them, and children in your house will be kept away from them.