Microsoft bids goodbye to Windows Media Player with latest Update.


If you have spent a considerable amount of your life enjoying movies on the Windows Media Player, then this news might affect you. Microsoft’s latest Windows update for Windows 10 Insiders Ring has disabled the Windows Media Player.

Without any major announcement, the latest update to Windows 10 Beta testers has disabled the popular media player on Windows operating system. Microsoft has been on the lookout to replace the older bits of Windows, which were carried over from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, with modern and more efficient software. It is expected that most of the older sections of Windows 10 will be revamped with the upcoming fall creators Update and the removal of the Windows Media Player from the list may signal the beginning of the process.

If you still prefer to use the Windows Media Player, then you can still get it back after going into Apps and Features. However, Microsoft might be willing to push the new Movies app that came built in with Windows 10 and has improved over the course of time with several updates. Apart from that, there are free-to-download third-party media players such as VLC Player which support more formats than Microsoft’s counterparts.