Want to unsend messages on Whatsapp? Here is how!


The recall a.k.a unsend feature is actually COMING SOON to the original Whatsapp app, especially to the BETA users first.

Note: The trick below works on ANDROID ONLY.

Before the update arrives you can use GBWhatsapp to try the feature along with alot of other Whatsapp MODs. This app is rated to be safe, but it is still not by the developers of Whatsapp, so you never know.

Here are the steps to recall a message on whatsapp :

  1. Download GBWhatsapp and Install it on your device.
  2. Backup your chats from the original whatsapp app.
  3. Open GBWhatsapp, and enter your number and click “COPY WHATSAPP DATA“, before clicking “NEXT“.
  4. After it gets copied, click on Next and restore your messages.
  5. Once the chat list appears, open a specific chat, and select a message you want to unsend.
  6. Click on the 3 dots, in the right upper corner.

  7. Click on Recall. And DONE!

This is a neat trick, and do not worry it will come to the original app soon.