Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available in preview on Play Store.


Microsoft Edge has a love-hate story with its users, while some people live on the browser and enjoy using it, other people just do not want to replace their usual go-to Chrome/Firefox/other browser.But for the people who actually like the browser, there is a good news,
Microsoft Edge is available on the Play Store to be downloaded!

Well, it still on the preview version as its the first release of the browser by the Tech giant Microsoft. The app works really well when compared to its preview stage, and it follows the same design and iconography as that can be found on the Desktop version.

The app first loads up to authenticate your Microsoft account, after which it just shows your bookmarks,favorites and other stuff synced to the mobile. The app has a connect feature, which lets you share web pages and links directly to your PC’s Action Center.

While not a true Universal Windows Platform port equipped with the Chakra Javascript engine, Edge for Android does a relatively nice and brings in its Top Stories for the users to read. Reading List and ePub books seems to be missing from the app, or at least haven’t been synced yet.

The app still needs a lot of updates to be used on a daily basis, and i am excited to see how it progresses.

Download : Play Store