Duo video calling is coming to stock dialer and SMS app in Pixel, nexus and Android One


Back in 2016, Google launched Allo and Duo to take on the likes of Whatsapp, Messenger. However, it failed pretty bad even though it comes preinstalled. Now Google is integrating Duo’s video call capability directly into the phone dialer, contacts app and Android Messages SMS app on Pixel, Nexus, and Android One Devices. However, the video call will only work if the other person has Duo app installed. 

Google is also adding support for VILTE, Video Over LTE (Brother of VOLTE). Now you will be able to make a video call without any 3rd party app using mobile data. However, both the phone’s carrier has to support VILTE. Carriers like T-Mobiel in the US and SK Telecom in South Korea already supports VILTE and we are hoping other Carriers will jump soon.


Via Android Central