Snapchat’s new context cards let you read reviews, book reservations, and more


Snapchat is introducing a new feature that will transform the experience of using the apps at a fundamental level. They’re called ‘Context Cards,’ and they’re new ways to find out more info about any Snap shared by users, providing access to things like restaurant reviews, reservations, Uber and Lyft ride hailing, contact information and more.

This is where Snapchat has a chance to turn its every day user engagement into a real world discovery and marketing platform that could potentially rival Yelp in terms of serendipitous discovery, and driving marketing value for restaurants, venues and destinations starting from a place of true interest, rather than approaching it from the perspective of providing a resource only to people already seeking that kind of info.

It’s clear Snapchats wants you to stay in the app a little longer while also giving you a gateway to more useful information, and it might not be a bad move. There’s no getting around the potential for creepiness, though, so I hope there’s a way to turn off location data for snaps you send. I’m sure not everyone wishes to share their location with every snap.