1Password launches Microsoft Edge extension


It’s been almost a year now since Microsoft first indicated it was working with 1Password on extension support for Microsoft Edge. At that time, the company had promised the relevant APIs would be coming soon but it seems Microsoft’s idea of ‘soon’ is more than 10 months.

Now available to everyone as a download from the Windows/Microsoft Store on Windows 10, the utility offers one place to manage all your passwords and log-in information. The extension can also automatically fill in identity and credit card information, if you so choose. Alongside saving and managing passwords, 1Password features the ability to generate random passwords for added security.

Using this 1Password extension for Microsoft Edge, you can fill your sensitive information with a single click. Save even more time by letting 1Password automatically fill identities and credit card information for you. Use the 1Password secure password generator to create and save incredibly strong, unique passwords for every site, app, and service.

Developer: AgileBits Inc.
Price: Free