Word Translator introduced for Microsoft Word to translate documents in-app


Microsoft may already have a translator app, but MS Word users often find it troublesome switching between apps just to translate their documents. A blessing for such users, Microsoft has finally added an in-app dedicated translator app to Word.

Users can now use the built-in translator service to translate selected content (words/phrases/sentences/documents). Word Translator is a new Office intelligent service rolling out to Office 365 subscribers with this month’s update. The translator is powered by Microsoft Translator itself, which currently supports 60 languages, out of which 11 are running on Neural Networks.

The new Word Translator replaces old translate options. To translate, go to Review tab, under which you’ll find Translate option. You can click on Translate to translate the whole document, or just to translate a selection, right-click the selection and find Translate in the menu.

You need following to be able to use the new feature:

The update is rolling out but if you feel left out, fret not you’ll receive it soon as the rollout is still in progress. Microsoft is also working on Word Translator for Mac OS, which will be available for users in the coming months.

Source Insider Forums