Edge Web Browser is coming to Android and iOS


Finally, Microsoft has listened to her consumers and bringing Microsoft’s Edge browser on other mobile platforms like Android and iOS.Most of the PC version’s features will be there. However, the browser is running on WebKit rendering engine on iOS and Chromium engine on Android. To participate you have to be a Windows Insider running latest Windows 10 Insider build and open this link in the edge browser. Then you can sign up for the beta app testing.

Microsoft Edge features:

  • From PC to mobile, you can browse seamlessly across your devices, while your information syncs in the background. Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by easily moving content between your mobile device and your Windows 10 PC
  • Hub View makes it easy to find and manage your content like favorites, reading list, history and books all in one place.
  • Reading View allows you to reorganize the content on a webpage to make it easier to focus on what you’re reading.
  • Find, view, and share content effortlessly with a built-in QR Code Reader to pull up information at a touch of a button, Voice Search to use the web in more familiar ways, and InPrivate mode to keep your browsing data private.