Top Snapchat monitoring apps for iPhone

Snpachat is the teenagers’ new platform to share extravagantly among their circle of friends or acquaintances, whatever comes to their minds. As the Snapchat has the behavior of auto-deleting every single snap after the chats, it is challenging for their parents to see what their children use to share, talk and show others over the social network. Inorder to overcome this limitation of monitoring children, Spy apps are suggested strongly.
There are many ways available to monitor the SnapChat usage of children. In some respects, it’s quite easier than ever, while the kids are using Android smartphones. But while coming to the iPhone or iOS devices, it becomes so difficult that the Apple restricts the monitoring and drawing over other apps, as they stand for the privacy. But in case you don’t know, there are lot other ways t spy iOS users too. Here are some of them from the top developers, available for Apple devices. As we have searched l along so far, we have found few of the Apps enlisted by the TopTrackingApps. Here are the quick reviews of some of them available.
Why Spy Apps?
It is highly necessary for the parents to track their infants’ online activities, as the children go recklessly over the Internet. Coming to the professional phases, the employers must also be looking for some complete solutions to track their employees’ performance in the total annual gross of the firm.
How do Spy programs work?
Most Spy apps available in markets are failproof, and they are capable of doing delegated tasks. After purchasing, users will have to install the special tool on their target device consciously. The installed part would stream the corresponding Spy details to the control user.
Most of the users are looking for some tools to monitor snapchat without jailbreak. But most of the apps need the user to jailbreak their iOS device before running the apps for spying.
mSpy is a complete smartphone monitoring or spying solution available for iOS, Mac OS as well as Android or Windows running devices. The app is capable of doing various tasks regarding monitoring a particular Apple device. The main reason the app has been selected as the #1 choice for the parents is that the mSpy gives the access and control privileges to the tracking user. Not only snapchat but also over dozens of apps and options are supported by the mSpy.
Key features
•    Managing Calls, SMS, texts, etc. remotely
•    Read, send emails
•    Crawl the precise GPS location of the device
•     Monitor the Internet usage including visited websites
•    Access essential tools in device including Calendar, Address Book, etc
•    Control any installed, or preloaded apps
•    View, edit media
•    Analyze, Monitor and control a device completely
•    No Jailbreak Version available
mSpy can be used to track the usage, interference or performance of your kids and even employees easily without much effort. All you need is to spend around $89.99 for this app to get your monitoring things done straightforwardly.
FlexiSPY can be concerned as one of the best alternatives for the mSpy app, available for any platform running devices. The app supports various types of smartphone sand IM apps. Unlike the mSpy, FlexiSPY provides individual packages for each of the tracking needs including – WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, SMS, Call, etc. You can even Monitor, wipe and lock the device remotely. Some of the basic utility access control options of the spying devices can be obtained using Mobile Spy, not the entire device control. Almost every other options resemble the mSpy, with some extra notches on the surface.
Here are some of the key features of the FlexiSPY app:
•  Call
      o     Live Listening
      o    Recording
      o    Call Logs
      o    VoIP Call records, logs, controls
      o    Listen to phone surrounding in standby mode
      o    Facetime Spy
      o    Record Skype calls
•  Messages
      o    SMS, MMS, IM – read, Send, Delete
      o    Fake messages
      o    Read Emails
•  GPS Location
•  Media contents
•  Remote control
      o    Take Picture, Video
      o    Restart device
      o    Battery Status
      o    SMS Commands
•  Internet usage details
•  Spy Apps
•  Set remote alerts
•  Ide jailbreak and other alleged things
•  Keylogging
The price listing of iPhone Tracker by FlexiSPY starts from $68/mo.
SPYERA is an extreme cross-platform spying ap available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Symbian devices. Additionally, it can also track and spy on Computers running Windows Operating System or MacOS. It is handy to track on all the activity and control access to your Apple iPhone devices and can just hide behind the topmost layer of User Interface. It is tough to detect if a device is being spied using SPYERA app, assuring the developers.
Interestingly, the users can move the app between various platforms, different devices according to their wish – which makes the purchase a lossless investment. You have to spend $189 for three months of usage in a single device. Yearly subscriptions are also available.



Xnspy is a cross-platform popular monitoring app for smartphones. It can be used on both Android as well as iPhone. The app employs more than 30 different monitoring and spying functionalities. With its simple, user-friendly interface, and powerful remote monitoring features, the app is ranked among the top monitoring apps for iPhone and Android.


Following are some of its key features:


  • Monitoring all the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS along with the contact and time details.
  • Powerful features like remote screenshot, call and ambient recording, screen lock, and data wipe.
  • Monitoring major social media messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, etc.
  • A comprehensive location monitoring tool having real-time location and location history logs.
  • Provides access to the multimedia on the monitored phone including pictures and videos.
  • Completely compatible with iOS 11.2.5 and does not require Jailbreak.