Facebook will roll out blood donor tools in India


Facebook is set to give its Indian users the option to become blood donors through its platform from the 1st of October, which is also National Blood Donor Day. Android and web users will be the first to be notified about donating blood via their timeline, any information you decide to hand over to Facebook will be set to ‘only me’ by default but you can choose to make it public on your timeline.

The official announcement:

“We think we can help — by finding ways to more efficiently bring blood donors and people in need together. In India, this drives thousands of people to request blood donors on Facebook each week. Our research suggests that when people have better information and tools, they’re more willing to donate blood — and it’s easier for people who need blood to find donors.

That’s why today we’re announcing a new effort to make it easier for people to sign up to be donors and a new way to connect people and organizations with information and tools to find blood donors when needed. We have worked together with nonprofit organizations, health industry experts, potential donors, and people who have used Facebook to find blood donors to ensure that what we are designing will be useful to people in India. “

Source Neowin