HP Elite X3 with Windows 10 might hit the EOL stage soon


HP placed their trust in Microsoft’s mobile OS and produced a flagship was better than most of the Microsoft’s own phones. But now sadly they’re about to discontinue the phone and put it into an End-Of-Life stage.

The report comes from WindowsUnited.de, according to which HP has planned to end sales of the HP Elite x3 on the 1st November 2017 and stop the support for the device in October 2018. The device was announced back in February 2018, and October 2018 will be the end of it.

With the ever declining Windows 10 Mobile market share, it’s hard to get any manufacturer to produce Windows 10 mobile based phones. HP did it, and they’re probably realizing this now. Elite X3 was more than a mobile phone, with a 6-inch display, it was more of a phablet, that also could be used as a PC using Continuum.

It’s a sad news indeed, many Windows Mobile fans preferred HP Elite X3 over Lumia 950 XL for its impressive screen size and quality. With another high-end Windows 10 Mobile going out of service, we definitely need to see what Microsoft has planned for the future. Surface Phone still hasn’t been announced yet, and Windows 10 Mobile won’t receive any major updates after Fall Creators update. It’s high time to save Windows Mobile from dying completely.


Source Windowsunited.de