It’s not Windows Store, Now it is Microsoft Store


As expected, Microsoft is now focusing on branding. They are now changing everything to Microsoft XXX instead of Windows XXX. This revolution originally started a few months ago and now this is the time for the Windows store. Microsoft is now rebranding the Windows store as Microsoft Store. How does it sound? Whether you like it or not, Microsoft has already changed it, now you have to bear with this change.

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Insiders in the Release Preview ring for Windows 10 that rebrands the built-in Windows Store app as “Microsoft Store” along with changing its icon in Start and on the Taskbar.  The rebrand is currently in testing with Insiders, and outside of the rebrand itself nothing else appears to have changed in the app. Microsoft may be planning to start selling more than just digital content in the built-in Windows 10 Store app, hence its rebrand to “Microsoft Store.”

They made this change on Xbox a few weeks ago (for Insider Alpha). That store also sells Xbox hardware, in addition to everything from the Windows Store. Makes sense to unify all their stores into one.

Source twitter