You’ll soon be able to disable autoplay videos in Google Chrome


One of the most annoying things about surfing today’s web – besides all those ads, of course – is landing on a site and getting blasted by a video that starts playing automatically. Not only does the experience surprise and annoy web users, it can also consume power and use data – which is concerning for mobile users, in particular. Now Google says it will do something about the problem. In the upcoming version of the Google Chrome web browser (Chrome 64), Google will limit the ability for sites to autoplay videos.

In a blog post, Google has detailed that starting with Chrome 64, autoplay videos will only be allowed if there is no sound or if a user has shown interest in the content. Other cases in which media will autoplay are as follows:

  • The content is muted, or does not include any audio (video only)
  • The user tapped or clicked somewhere on the site during the browsing session
  • On mobile, if the site has been added to the Home Screen by the user
  • On desktop, if the user has frequently played media on the site, according to the Media Engagement Index.

The company explains that this will improve data consumption and eradicate unwanted noise when browsing. It will also offer more control to users and unify web behavior across various platforms.