T-Mobile is providing Free Netflix to ONE customers


T-Mobile is once again back with a new plan so attractive that you might end up changing your carrier.  If you are using T-Mobile One Plan with two or more voice lines then September 12th onwards, you can enroll for free Netflix . The enrollment can be done via T-Mobile’s website, or store or their customer support.  T-Mobile customers who are using Unlimited 55+ or 2-lines-for-$100 plans would need to switch to T-Mobile One plan for the free Netflix.

You would be provided with Netflix’s standard $9.99 plan. However your pre-existing Netflix package would work too. In case you are using the premium Ultra HD and HDR plan ($11.99) from Netflix then also T-Mobile will cover the cost till $9.99 and the rest of $2 will be added to your bill.

AT&T has DirecTv and now T-Mobile is throwing Free Netflix. What are you gonna pick this month.