Free Windows 10 S Upgrade extended to March 2018 by Microsoft.


Having a Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S isn’t a big deal but for those who want to install apps outside from the Windows Store just got more time to change their minds.

You can now upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free up till March 2018. This is extended from the initial date of December end this year.

With Windows 10 S, you probably get a fast booting time of 15 seconds, lightweight software experience, and the most secure Windows ever. It might sound like Windows 10 S is too good to be true, but unfortunately it also contains key limitations which will be deal breakers for a significant proportion of users…

Yes, just like Microsoft’s failed Windows RT platform, Windows 10 S will not run software you have to install from the desktop. Currently that means no Chrome, no Firefox, no iTunes, numerous games and much much more.

So you probably want to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft will let you do this in a single click untill March 2018. After that, it is still cheap and will cost around $50 to upgrade.

This announcement comes alongside news that the Core i7 version of the Surface Laptop is now available in the full range of colors in 20 new countries. We already spotted that preorders had opened up last week in the U.S. and UK, but Microsoft says they’re now available in the following 20 regions:

• US
• Canada
• Austria
• Belgium
• Denmark
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Ireland
• Luxembourg
• Netherland
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• UK
• Taiwan
• HK
• China
•  Norway
•  Australia
• NZ