Microsoft is working with Huawei to bring enterprise apps to Huawei Cloud


Huawei and Microsoft has been working on many things over the past few years. They had been one of the early OEM of Windows Phone and also create excellent Windows 10 devices. However few years back, they stopped making Windows Phone as it was not profitable for them. But they kept on making Windows 10 devices.

Today they signed MoU to bring Microsoft’s Enterprise software to Huawei’s own Cloud.  Previously, Huawei only offered Windows Server and RDS for SQL Server, but with the new agreement, both the company will share resources and information to improve experience of CLOUD. Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei’s Cloud BU and IT Product Line said on this topic,

“Adhering to a customer-centered philosophy, Huawei is dedicated to enabling and promoting the development of a smart society. As a world-leading provider of software, services, and solutions, Microsoft has played an important part in the enterprise market all along. HUAWEI CLOUD looks forward to cooperating with Microsoft to build an open and win-win ecosystem. The signing of this MoU marks the start of strategic cooperation between the two companies,”

Alain Crozier, CEO of Microsoft China on this topic stated,

The fourth industrial revolution, driven by technology innovation, is creating opportunities for customers to achieve more across nearly every industry. As a global leader in enterprise IT, Huawei is a strategic partner for Microsoft in the mission to empower organizations as they transform. Our increased collaboration will drive innovation as we build a seamless platform to benefit customers through industry-leading technology. Together, we are confident that we will lead, and win, in the era of digital transformation by focusing on what our customers need.”