LG V30’s Camera App Now Unofficially Available On The G6


The default Camera app pre-installed on the LG V30 is now unofficially available on the G6, LG’s first 2017 Android flagship which the company introduced this spring.

One member of the XDA Developers community managed to get their hands on a pre-production unit of the LG V30, extract its Camera app, then repurpose and repackage it for the G6. As expected, the method of installing the mobile tool requires you to root your device, meaning you’ll be voiding your warranty and may be left with potentially unstable software on your handset, though initial reports suggest that the repackaged app works on the G6 in a reliable manner.

To install it, download the ZIP file by following the banner below and manually flash the package onto your rooted G6 with a compatible recovery tool. The installation process will replace the default Camera app on the G6 with the one that comes pre-installed on the V30 and is entirely reversible.