All major US carriers are gearing up for LG V30


Yesterday only LG announced V30 and all the carriers are ready to sell the phone to their customers. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint are gearing up with offers and price-cuts and freebies to offer with the new flagship devices. However price has not been mentioned by any of them but the device is expected by the carriers to come out this fall.


Today, LG announced the upcoming launch of the LG V30®and we are excited to offer the smartphone at AT&T this fall.

“The LG V30 is packed with the latest audio and visual capabilities, including an immersive OLED display, high-quality sound and entertainment on-the-go,” said Jeff Howard, vice president, Mobile Device Portfolio, AT&T. “If you’re looking for a new smartphone with top camera and video features, then the LG V30 from AT&T is the device you want on the network you need.”


LG announced today the V30®, coming soon to Verizon. This next-generation smartphone lets you easily document your life and play it back in glorious high-definition video and sound. It’s the perfect smartphone for photographers, audiophiles and anyone who wants to easily capture the important moments in life.

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The newly-unveiled LG V30, the world’s first 600 MHz LTE-capable smartphone, will be available at T-Mobile this fall.

The Un-carrier is lighting up LTE in its new super spectrum at breakneck pace while simultaneously building for the 5G future with new network equipment from Ericsson.