Photos & Videos is the new Story Remix !


Microsoft intends to change the name of their Windows 10 Photos app after beta testing the poorly received Story Remix with Insiders.

Microsoft comes to its senses and again reportedly changes the Name to Photos & Videos, though the former name made a little sense. Story Remix was the only new feature coming but it seems like the insiders pretty much didn’t like it.

The current video player Microsoft uses by default is the Movies and TV app, which is likely to create a little confusion. It will be nice to see if Microsoft integrates the videos seamlessly along both the apps, so the users don’t get confused.

Folks, if you have feedback on the Photos app naming we’re testing, please send that feedback to us via Feedback Hub. Thanks!
— Brandon LeBlanc (@brandonleblanc) August 18, 2017

Microsoft is open to feedbacks. So if you have an idea popping up, do comment it down or provide feedback via the official. Feedback Hub app.