Windows 10 Photos app picks up a significant update for users on Creators Update


Microsoft using AI to tag photos internally has been the talk of the town for a while, and now it’s been released for general public in a huge update. The update packs in a lot of new features, most important and useful ones.

The update now lets you create videos out of your photos. The videos, called memories will utilize Microsoft Graph to automatically generate memory based on the videos and photos you have. You can even edit the memory in the app itself, adding a soundtrack, transitions, 3D object (yes, mixed reality is supported), selecting the subject and much more. Much like the Lumia Storyteller app, for those who remember, but improved using an advanced AI.

The update also introduces AI based tagging of photos in your storage. More than often not, one ends up with loads of photos especially if you’re a shutterbug. Then comes the pain of searching for photos, which you definitely not remember by the filename. Now you’ve to spend time browsing through all of them, scanning like a hawk. This is where AI comes to the rescue. Now with AI, your images can be tagged according to their content, and an index will be stored locally. When you search for photo, eg. tree,  you’ll be presented with all photos containing trees. Local storage of index makes search even faster and generates search suggestions in real time.

Windows 10 Creators update users are receiving the update now, and update the app through Store or manually update the app from the link below:

Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Photos
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free+