Lenovo says first Google Tango AR phone won’t get Android 7.0


Lenovo hasn’t exactly enjoyed a good reputation when it comes to Android updates, and its decision not to update so many of its devices so soon after their launch will do nothing to improve that perception. Last year, Motorola – which is owned by Lenovo – refused to commit to monthly Android security updates for its devices, saying it was too “difficult”.

The company updated its software upgrade page today, which now states that the entire existing Phab product lineup (as well as two tablets) will not receive further software updates. The affected devices include the original 2015 Phab, the Phab Plus, Phab2, Phab2 Plus, and Phab2 Pro. The original Phab and Phab Plus shipped with Android 5.0, but the rest are on 6.0. Lenovo also says the Tab3 7 Essential will stay on Lollipop, and the Tab3 10 Business will stay on Marshmallow (both tablets were released last year).

A few days ago, Lenovo revealed that it’s ditching the ‘Vibe Pure’ interface on its Android phones and tablets, in favor of releasing new devices with the stock Android OS. The company said that doing so would make it easier to keep its devices updated.