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Google Maps Beta updated with picture-in-picture support for Android O and more

Google has updated its Maps beta app, probably one of the most useful apps among the whole Google Suite. The new updates brings in a lot of new features including picture-in-picture support for Android O users, Q&A section, driving stats and more.

The new version, v9.59 has a new Q&A section where you can ask question about a point fo interest on map. The answers will be crowdsourced from local guides and experts which might prove to be useful if I you’re travelling about and happen to have some doubts.

Introduced in Android 8.0 “O”, PiP feature is now supported by Google Maps Beta. Those running Andriod 8.0 will be able to use the feature right away, while others will have to wait to update thier smartphones. With PiP you’ll be able to use maps while using phone the normal way. You’ll have maps in a different floating windows, while background will be usual Android homescreen.

Other features include monthly driving statistics and notification support for Anndriod 8.0. The app is in beta, so it’s better not to expect too much from it as bugs and bound to be present.

Apply for Beta program here .You can get the apk from Apkmirror or from Play Store below:

Maps – Navigation und Nahverkehr
Maps – Navigation und Nahverkehr
Via AndroidCentral