Instagram will Let you Add a Friend to Live Stream.

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets you stream live Instagram broadcasts with a friend in split-screen mode.


Ever thought of your friend who can’t be with you, but you both want to livestream simultaneously? Instagram test lets you do that.

It’s quite simple. Tap the new two-smiley shaped icon in the bottom, select a friend to add, which will split your screen vertically. And then, it’s the same like before. Texts, comments, hearts and that option to save to your camera role.

Similar feature was added to Facebook live, which owns Instagram, back in May. Given the self-perpetuating, ouroboros-like nature of the world of social video applications, it seems likely that Snapchat will presumably have copied the feature to its app by the end of the week.

Instagram is currently testing this feature and will roll out soon to general public over the coming months.