MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7 Review


Recovering any lost data at ease is the dream of every advanced computer users, by using any tools but not Adwares. We now show you an Application Software tool to recover any data lost from your PC or any physical drives quickly. The MiniTool Data Recovery 7 is an amazingly powerful tool which is capable of recovering all types of data.

I Personally chose the MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7 tool to recover lost medias and files from my computer, because just did not want to fill my screen with plenty of adware and bloatware. Unlike other applications in similar functioning, the MiniTool does not have any ads, encouragement for buying the license or any other user-tricky options found so far with other programs.

Highlighting Features

  • Supports any data loss
  • Can recover data from erased DVDs
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Minimal UI

Design and Interface

From the installation to the recovery process, the MiniTool Data Recovery tool keeps its simplicity and minimalist design. The simplicity implemented on the design of the app makes the user make decisions among options given on the interface. After opening the program, you may find major five options shown on the home section with labels. These options include: Undelete Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery and Digital Media Recovery. As their name denotes, each of the options performs their corresponding tasks on the selected drive from right inside each option.

Interestingly, the home page of the program has not gotten even a single piece or banner of Advertisements, which makes the program leading interface clean and neat. Apart from the five options we have enlisted above; the App also has some extra options like Bootable edition and Support.


MiniTool Data Recovery 7 performs very well, even far better than many rivals currently available in the market. In my experience and inferences about the tool, you can use this application to recover the data from any devices which have been lost during several occasions like Accidental Deletion, Formatted, Hard Drive Failure, Virus Attack, System Crash, Partition Loss, RAW Partition, RansomWare Attacks, etc. It supports PC, Laptop, External HDDs, SSD, SD CArd, Flashdrives and many externally and/or internally connected devices in order to recover data, even from smartphones it seems. So, literally you will be able to recover any lost data quickly, unless the slots have been reallocated with many files over and over again.

While we consider the performance, we would have to split up this part into almost five divisions to explain, yet we will be trying to convey it in several paragraphs. First of all, the free version of the program has a recovery or restoration limit of 1GB. This is not the one-time recovery size limit, but a permanent limit, i.e., the user can recover files below 1GB only. If you want to recover more, you can just go the developer’s official website and just buy a lifetime period license at just $69, which is affordable for any average computer user. Remember, this is the important purchase you make to get back your data, so don’t hesitate.

Starting from the very basic feature named “Undelete Recovery,” it quickly scans the computer/PC/Laptop to find recently lost data permanently from the computer, but not so deeply. This option is much faster, and you will be able to recover your recently deleted data, even from the Trash without any long time waiting. One of the most blessed, but cursed at the same time feature of the tool is it does not often skip Bad Sectors. SO, it will take some time to scan, but you will be able to recover more files using this tool compared to other softwares.

The Digital Media Recovery is designed only for recovering Media files like Images, Songs/Music, Movies, Videos, etc. even if you have lost a partition from your system while reinstalling, modifying or creating any partitions, you can just restore them all efficiently using the MiniTool Data Recovery software. According to the company, this will not actually recreate the deleted or modified partitions to/from PC instead, it will enlist and recover the lost files from the drives even if the drive letters and assignments have been changed a lot. It can also recover the partitions which have been damaged or corrupted because of mishandling, Power failure, unexpected cancellations, and errors, etc.

The CD-DVD recovery option in the tool may seem new to the first time users of the app. We all have been taught to like that it is impossible to recover any data from an erased CD or DVD. But by this tool, the developers have proven that the erased DVDs are not safe anymore to throw away with faith that it wouldn’t get restored. Most of the data from deleted DVD or CD can be recovered using the tool, but some files may be corrupted or missing due to the DVD character that it may burn or erase files in a CD almost permanently in binary form, but yes, it is possible.


As of every product out there, the MiniTool DAta Recovery Software has some good and bad sides, in case you want to know. So this section of the review will be your part of the brain to decide wisely.


  • Reasonably fast
  • No ads
  • Supports every storage type
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free version available
  • Easy to use


  • No Bad Sector Skipping; takes much time
  • 1GB Limitation in free version

Final Verdict

The MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software is very helpful in recovering data for anyone, from an individual to a technician. You will be needy enough to use the free version if the data to be recovered does not exceed 1GB. If you want more, you can go to a Personal license which costs around $69. The Enterprise version can be installed on unlimited computers in a company. The commercial edition is suitable for large servers, and the technicians can go for expensive ($499) Technician Version. If you d not mind about its behavior of not skipping bad sectors, then you can go for this Mini but mighty tool. We are firmly recommending you to try the free version before you go and buy a license.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an amazing software to recover any data from any of the storaging devices. Its easy to use interface makes the user feel good while using. We strongly recommend this to users, despite of some cons like No Bad sector auto skipping.