Screenshots of the new Spotify app for the Xbox One is here


Few days back only, we found out about the existence of Spotify app on Xbox. People had been asking for it since the beginning but Spotify did not make any app as they were exclusive to PlayStation. However things have changed now. One eagle-eyed redditor found out its existence on one of Major Nelsons’ video podcasts. But today one Italy based Windows related website dig out a listing from Windows Store which revealed screenshots and details of the upcoming app for xbox.

The official description used for the app listing is –

Soundtrack your gaming with the new Spotify app, free on Xbox One. Listen to your favorite music as you play any game, and browse playlists for every mood using your Xbox One Controller. Take listening to the next level with Spotify.

  • Listen to music in the background while you game, for free.
  • Browse your favourite albums, songs and playlists.
  • Easy playback from your Xbox One Controller, or change tunes from your mobile or tablet without leaving the game.
  • Find the perfect playlist for epic gaming in the Gaming genre (in Browse) on Spotify.

Premium users can listen in higher quality audio and without ads