Groove Music to have Visualizations, Equalizers and much more!



The all new Visuals!

We had got a hint of visualization support in the last Update (for fast ring insiders) rolled out in early July and now, we are having a closer look at it.

Groove music has the support of visualization and enables the users to pickup different patterns and designs which dances around the screen as the music plays improving the overall music experience. We had this feature in Zune Music Player and Windows Music Player, but had yet to add it on Groove Music and Xbox Music.

Groove Music will also get support for equalizers, the much needed feature, most of us use from a third party app. The requests for adding equalizers go back the Windows Phone days, where Nokia and HTC had their own equalizer apps to cope up with. This feature will be an integrated one on the Groove Music.

After adding the “Recommended” option, Groove Music will also get another feature “Playlists for You”  which will use Artificial Intelligence to match your taste of genre pretty much like what we get on Spotify’s “Discover” and Apple Music’s “For You”.

You can also be able to Customize the Playlist hero image by Windows Ink, which will be automatically generated by Machine learning and even what you feed into it like genres and artists, etcetera.

Groove Music is the new cool, especially when we talk about a screaming service + local music player. Although you don’t get the old functionalities like CD support hurting those who have those huge collections of 90s Pop music, the modern sensibilities add icing in the cake to those with a more modern approach to Music.

We expect Groove Music to emerge as the ultimate Music Streaming service, matching up with Apple Music and Spotify as we have seen it getting from a terrible stage to a very good one, especially after Microsoft’s Fluent Design integration.

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