Real time lookups now available on Google Calendar for Microsoft Exchange Server


Businesses can never get enough of one, but more likely due to personal preferences, they find themselves using both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Server. The real difficulty lies in maintaining sync between the two systems, which Google Calendar Interop is trying to solve in this new update.

G suite improvement adds real-time lookups between the Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange for the users. IT simple to setup, and can be done going to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Calendar in the Admin console and selecting Calendar Interop management.

Following new tools are included in the update:

  • We’ve built a new interoperability troubleshooting tool that allows administrators to understand the status of the setup with one click. If everything’s working as expected, the tool will let you know. If something’s amiss, it will display a detailed human-readable error to help you pinpoint the root cause of the issue.
  • We’re also exposing interoperability-related logs in the reporting section in Admin console so that admins can track interoperability-related successes and failures for each user separately.

For instruction on migration, you can read this Google help doc here.

Source Google
Via AndroidPolice