Alpha version of Windows Dev Centre appears on Google Play Store


Andriod users will soon be able to access Windows Dev Centre from the upcoming app by Microsoft. The new app is currently unreleased but still can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

If you’re the kind of developer that develops Windows apps but prefers Android phones over the rest, this app will come pretty handy. The app provides plenty of tools as well as valuable insights for your published apps. However, this is the first Alpha build so expect plenty of broken features. The UI isn’t well designed as well, but it may be fixed in later builds.

The store description reads:

The Windows Dev Center app lets you quickly view details about the health and performance of your Windows Store apps on your Android smartphone.
— Track app performance data
Use the dashboard to view acquisition, revenue, and crash highlights across all your apps. Then dig into specific app data to get a more detailed view, including customer demographics and OS version.
— Investigate crashes
Use crash data to help identify and correct issues in your apps. View crashes over time by type, device, app version, and the exception type to help pinpoint issues in your code.
— Respond to customer reviews
Check out the latest reviews and respond to your customers directly through the app.

It’s ironical, that firm like Microsoft would publish apps for Windows on Google’s Andriod when Google won’t even bother to release official Youtube or Google+ app on Windows platform. However, there could be an underlying strategy by Microsoft that we’re not aware of. Nevertheless, Microsoft cares for its user base no matter the OS and has ported it’s almost every major app to other platforms too. If you’re a developer and want to try out the new app you can get it from the link below:

Windows Dev Center
Windows Dev Center
Price: Free