Windows Store Recent Update Brings UI Improvements to Desktop and Mobile.



Microsoft has dropped an update for the Windows Store. While many of the apps weren’t getting updated from the Windows Store, the Store got itself updated and bumped to version 11701.1000.80 bringing several UI changes to Mobile and Desktop.

The update for the Windows Store on desktop enhances the UI by adding in clear borders on menus and listings and changing the background of the store from a deep black color to a light gray color. The update also moves the search bar over and adds in an ellipses menu to access downloads, updates, settings, account, payment options, code redemption, and purchased apps. Additionally, the update changes the functionality of the account icon, making it the exclusive spot for account only related options.

Here are some of the changes we have noticed so far :

  • Gray instead of black background
  • Downloads and updates, Settings, My Library, Redeem a code, etc. moved into new ellipsis submenu
  • Account icon now is only account-related, option to add work or school account.

Ellipsis menus instead of the now deprecated hamburger style are a more modern and logical choice for the change.

The update is currently available for fast ring insiders. Received the update? Let us know whether you liked it or not in the comments section.


Image Credits : Windows Central.