Fast Ring Insiders can now “Skip Ahead” to Redstone 4 builds


Announced by Microsoft’s Insider Head Dona Sarkar on Twitter,  insiders of the fast ring will soon be able to move onto Redstone 4 branch. “Skip Ahead” feature will let you skip the current RS3 builds and jump directly onto RS4 build currently under development.

Based on the feedback from Insiders, Microsoft will now roll out “RS_PRELEASE” builds to fast insiders. To be part of this program, you have to select “Skip Ahead” under Settings -> Update & Security ->Windows Insider Program. The builds are going to be super-early as RS4 is supposedly expected around Spring 2018, so you might expect an abundance of bugs. As the development progresses, you won’t be able to roll back to normal Windows 10 from RS_PRELEASE, not without a clean reinstall of Windows. Also, it’s important to know that you won’t receive any updates right away. Only a few insiders will be chosen at first who’ll be able to try out the new branch.

So how does this work? Why offer “Skip Ahead” when fast ring already exists? The answer lies in existence of two different branches of Windows 10 that are currently under development simultaneously. Regular fast ring insiders will receive Windows 10 Fall Creators Update builds, while those who skip ahead will move on to “RS_PRELEASE” ( or RS4 ) and Inbox app updates for stock Microsoft apps.

While this may sound tempting, the limited seats and no rollback option is something you should consider before checking on “Skip Ahead”. More information is likely to come in upcoming Windows Blog posts, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on that.