Windows 10 on ARM will get a boost on Snapdragon 845 chipset


Microsoft has already shown the world, Windows 10 can run on ARM processors like Snapdragon 820. However they stated that new devices running Windows 10 on ARM needs to have at least Snapdragon 820. While they have not released any Windows 10 on ARM device officially, But its expected that next year, Windows 10 on ARM devices might show up with Snapdragon 845 inside.

Recently Qualcomm who is in a patent related legal war with Apple, released a document stating the components and patents under them. Beside the usual processors, Snapdragon 845 was mentioned. While not much info is available about this new flagship processor but we are expecting Qualcomm to launch this new processor next year. We might see OEMs launching Windows 10 on ARM based on this processor by next year.