Telegram updated to v4.2, packs disappearing media, personal bio and more


Telegram Messenger, for both Windows Mobile as well as PC, has received a massive update that brings in a lot of new features to the messaging app. The update is available on other platforms too, including Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The new Windows app, version 4.2 ( 1.1.15 for PC ) includes the following features and changes:

  • Formatting options now available for text, **bold**  for bold and __italic__ for italic.
  • Displays the message link in the public supergroups.
  • Share posts quickly from media channels and media.
  • Search for members of supergroups by name.
  • New tools for administrators:
    • Search for channel users by name.
    • Use search in the register of service actions.
    • Remove the members of the supergroups with the right click menu in the service action log.
  • Bug fixes and various enhancements.

From the official changelog, here are the noteworthy new features ( limited to Android and iPhone version of the app ):

  • Disappearing Media: Media can be sent with a set timer, after which the media is deleted from the receiver as well as sender’s side. If receiver tries to screenshot the media, the sender will receive a notification.

  • Bio: You can now set your bio in your profile, similar to Facebook and Twitter.

  • More Speed and Security: Third party CDNs will now take care of user data while Telegram server will manage Hashes and keys for your app. These CDNs will reduce download time for content and will cater more users at once. The content will be hashed with private keys known only to Telegram server and your app, so even if a hacker gets hold of the server data he won’t be able to decrypt them.

Apart from there, there are minor improvements to in-app photo editor and emojis browser. These features may take some time to come to Windows version of the app, but we’ll keep you posted on the developments.


Source Telegram