Presentation Translator By Microsoft Garage finally available for download


Microsoft Garage has developed over dozens of apps, and none of them are by far humdrum to say. With many popular and successful apps released in the past including Face Swap, Tetra Lockscreen, Arrow launcher and Dictate.This time they’ve released Presentation Translator that is:

Presentation Translator is a PowerPoint add-in that lets you add live subtitles to your presentation, and translate the text in your PowerPoint document.
It’s loaded with:
  • Real-time subtitling: Speak in any of the 10 supported speech languages – Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish – and subtitle into any one of the 60+ text translation languages.
  • Customized speech recognition: Presenters have the option to customize the speech recognition engine using the vocabulary within the slides and slide notes to adapt to jargon, technical terms, product or place names, etc.
  • Translate PowerPoint Text: Translate the text of PowerPoint while preserving the original formatting, including translation between left-to-right and right-to-left languages.
  • Audience Participation: Share a QR or five letter conversation code and your audience can follow along with your presentation, on their own device, in their chosen language.
  • Open up to multi-language Q+A: Unmute the audience to allow questions in any of the supported languages (10 for spoken questions, 60+ for written ones)
  • Inclusivity through Accessibility: Give the deaf and hard-of-hearing the opportunity to join the presentation without the need for a physical interpreter with closed captions.

The application’s size is mere 254KB, and can be downloaded from here. You can install it just like any other .exe file. The add-in can be found under Slide Show ribbon in PowerPoint. More instructions can be found here.