Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries Finally Available on Google Photos.


Google announced Suggested Sharing and Shared libraries at the IO17, and even the Photo Books. We all were excited but couldn’t figure out when it is coming as an update. Starting today, the app is rolling out these features on Android, iOS and Web.

Let’s see what exactly are Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries.

Suggested Sharing : For this , Google uses a special algorithmic function and machine learning to identify people and suggest you to share their photos with them. So Google will automatically understand my mom’s face and will suggest me to share that pic with my mom.

In the Sharing tab of the Photos app, you’ll be able to see all your sharing activity, including photos sent to you and ones you’ve sent to others. This new menu will show your personal suggestions at the top based on your sharing habits and the people in the photos.

If I went to an event with my family and friends, the app will send them reminders to upload their photos to the album. You’ll then receive a notification when new photos are added.

Shared Libraries : Shared libraries are similar to iOS’s Shared Albums. It works just the same. You can share a particular album with anyone. All you need to do is to tap the “Share your library” on the top left of the app, then enter the recipient’s email address. You’ll then be able to share your entire photo library, or customize which photos you’d like to share. You can also give the recipient access to photos from a certain day, which is certainly a nice touch.

Once the recipient accepts the invitation, they will get the photos automatically. They can even use your photos as their own, which means they can search upon the photos, they’ll get that in Photos app, Movies and everywhere just like you do.

Want to give it a go? Update Google Photos from the Play Store now!