New Security Features Introduced in Windows 10 Build 16232 for PC Insiders


A new build is out for fast ring insiders on PC, and no doubt it packs in a lot of new features. This PC build can be deemed as a security based feature update which will be the precursor to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’s end-to-end security features.

Notable features included in this build:

  • Windows Defender Application Guard:
    Introduced in build 16188, this new version of WDAG has support for Microsoft Edge data persistence while using Application Guard. It acts much like a sandbox, isolating your private data such as cookies and passwords from the host while at the same time it retains the information between Application guard sessions. Here’s a Microsoft Mechanics Video explaining how WDAG prevents browser based attacks:

  • Exploit Protection:
    Protect yourself from App and browser based exploits with updated Windows Defender Security Centre! There’s even more, you can now manage, audit and configure Windows system and application exploit mitigation settings from the App!
  • Controlled folder access:
    This build also includes Controlled folder access option in Windows Defender. Think of it as a locked treasure chest. The treasure will be your files and folder, to which only some apps will have the key. If any other app tries to access the tamper with your treasure, OS will set off the alarm and the flagged app can be reviewed. This feature is extremely important, with the sharp rise in number of ransomware cases lately its time Microsoft introduced some safety measure against them.
For the full instructions, you can visit this blog post. The update is out for fast ring insiders and can be downloaded through Settings > Update & Security.




Source Windows Blog