Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 16225 Released.


Microsoft has released the Windows 10 SDK Build 16225 for the Fall Creators Update enabling developers to use some latest API tech and features in Windows 10.

The latest update to the Windows 10 SDK includes a bunch of new APIs and improvements to some of the existing APIs. Improvements have also been made to the API Surface Area currently under development with the new SDK.

The developers can use the new SDK to try out the latest APIs but they won’t be able to release updates to their apps that use the new features in the Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. Even though  they will still be able to submit apps that target older versions of Windows 10 such as the Creators Update even after installing the new SDK.

Some of the overt issues are :

•  Designer fails to render: When viewing the XAML in the Designer Window in Visual Studio, the controls fail to render. This can be resolved by using Visual Studio 2017.3 Preview.
• Compilation fails on non-Windows 10 platforms: When building apps on previous platforms, you may get a build error.

You can get the full list of API  here and you can download the Preview SDK from here.