The Elegant Google Play Desktop Music Client is now Available on the Windows Store.


Google Play music has been quite a right choice for people using Android phones and Chromebooks. With such a great collection of Music and Backup solutions, Google Play music gives a tough competition to Groove Music and Apple Music. But then, these music platforms were OS specific and were not cross platform like Spotify.

But that hasn’t stopped enterprising developers from making their own apps based on the service. Google Play Music Desktop Player is a well-reviewed Windows app for Google Play Music, it wraps the website into a single app and integrates with Windows with support for native themes, customization like a dark theme and minimization to the taskbar, and automatically launching upon login.

Image : MSPU

The App integrates with the Windows 10 environment with Windows Specific tools so that you can change the music without having to launch the app, and even have live tiles, etcetera.

Image : MSPU

If you are a Google Play Music subscriber currently using Windows 10 PCs or Laptops, it will be the best app for you. You can even install it to Windows 10S devices as it is officially listed on the Windows 10 store.