Battle of the Blogging Tools: Evernote vs Microsoft OneNote


In this gilded information age of uninterrupted social media feeds, commenting, and sharing, both business and personal blogs are benefiting from apps that enable on-the-go posting. In website traffic analysis, the uncontested conclusion that frequent posting contributes directly to effective user engagement and follower count increase, proves that bloggers have to be organized and efficient content creators. If you are new to blogging this epic guide from FortuneLords will help you to get started.

Don’t Miss a Beat

From fashion to high-tech, bloggers covering all subject matters must stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends that dictate the trajectory of their future posts. With over half of the 100 billion searches Google gets each month coming from mobile devices, it is essential that bloggers make use of apps that effectively manage and organize their on-the-go notes to post as frequently as possible, keeping content fresh and relevant. Whether you’re an experienced blogger with a hefty subscription list and brand sponsorship deals or still in the process of choosing your blogging platform, you’ll need to keep your images, lists, and blog post topics in one place and accessible from as many devices as possible.

Which App is Best?

Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote have risen from the throngs of countless other note-taking apps on the downloadable market. Despite falling behind OneNote in active installations by millions, Evernote’s download rate continues to rise exponentially since it burst on both the App and Play store in 2009. Both apps offer similar services, and share a strong primary marketing angle of “simplified” and “sleek” note-taking apps. Features that both multi-device apps share are:

· Availability with identical functions on both iOS and Android

· Both boast downloadable desktop versions of the app

· Free and Premium, for-purchase versions

· Image and stylus-drawn, note-taking integration

As Evernote is an independent and relatively new company it does not have the business clout and financial backing of an industry giant like Microsoft, and thus the difference between its free and premium versions are significant. Evernote, to remain an active

company needs to monetize their services to continue to make profit. However Evernote does reign supreme in terms of webpage capturing, or “clipping,” and allows for users to easily save the best parts of the pages they browse and organize them via the multi-tag feature.

While text-heavy bloggers will turn to Evernote because of its minimalist design, bloggers looking for a one-stop digital note pad with integrated image note-taking technology will choose OneNote. Backed by consistent updates from Microsoft OneNote’s staying power is significant; however, Evernote’s sleek app design enables ease of use for all, not just those familiar with Office Suite. While some may be attracted to OneNote’s numerous notebook and tag features, others may view the service as bloated and unnecssary, detracting from the simplified concept of digital note-taking on the go.